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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Building with flowers  200 Union Street SE,
  4-174 Keller Hall
  Minneapolis, MN 55455-0170
  Phone: 612-625-3300

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is committed
to educating the
 future work force and to conducting research with
collaborators from industry and government.

Welcome from Department Head David J. Lilja


Signals Newsletter — Summer Issue 2014


Former ECE Dept. Head, Prof. Emeritus Robert Collins dies

Prof. Emeritus Robert Collins, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Head (1964-69 and 1984-90), passed away in July, 2014. Collins held tenure with the department from 1963-1993.
Prof. Collins was Department Head during the groundbreaking and building of Keller Hall, the current site of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). Collins participated in the ground breaking on Oct. 1, 1985; the building was completed in 1988.
During the 1980s, he and other department heads were responsible for hiring new faculty in the emerging fields of signal processing, communications, VLSI, computer systems, microelectronics and controls. While Collins was department head, ECE enrollments reached 1,300 students, a near historic high. For 20 years prior, steady growth had preceded this milestone.
During his tenure, Collins was a member of the Quantum Electronic and Optics Group in the 1970s researching particle sizing, semiconductor annealing with electron and laser beams, and laser interaction with solids. In the 1980s, Prof. Collins was a member of the Devices Research Group whose research included ultrasonic wave devices and microscopy; high speed, microwave and millimeter-wave devices and integrated circuits; three-dimensional integrated circuits; thin-film amorphous devices; complementary heterojunction insulated gate FETs; optoelectronic devices and circuits; silicon heterojunction devices; physics of heterojunctions; magnetic thin film devices; superlattice and quantum-well structures and devices, among others.
Memorial services will be held in Washington, D.C., with burial in Pennsylvania.


Prof. Rhonda Franklin receives Sara Evans Faculty
Woman Scholar/Leader Award

Rhonda Franklin 2013  Prof. Rhonda Franklin received the The Sara Evans
  Faculty Woman Scholar/ Leader Award. The award
  recognizeswomen faculty at the University of
  Minnesota-Twin Cities who have achieved
  significant national and international
  accomplishments and honors and who
  contribute as leaders on campus. Only two
  awards are given each year: one in science and
  engineering, and one in humanities.


University start up develops fast, accurate early disease detection

Jian-Ping Wang 2013


  Through University of Minnesota’s Prof. Jian-Ping
  Wang‘s  invented a biosensing device that quickly
  and accurately measures even a tiny quantity of a
  disease or health condition in a human sample.

  In March, the U helped form a startup company
  called Zepto Life Technology, to make his invention
  portable, inexpensive and available across the

  For more go to:


Prof. Mihailo Jovanovic receives Transdiciplinary Faculty Fellowship

2013 New Mihailo Jovanovic





 Prof. Mihailo Jovanovic has received
 a Transdisciplinary Faculty Fellowship from the
 University of Minnesota Informatics Institute.
 This award positions recently promoted Associate
 Professors to provide leadership in trans-
 disciplinary collaborative projects at theinterface
 of informatics and an application area.
 Six U of M faculty from across two campuses and
 representing eight different departments and
 institutes were awarded fellowships. The support
 provided to Prof. Jovanovic will also benefit the
 College of Science and Engineering'sMnDRIVE
 Initiative on Robotics, Sensors, and Advanced


U of MN Ph.D. student Sechul Park and Prof. Heiko Jacob's research
cited in

Sechul Park

Heiko Jacobs Web 2014


   The research of Ph.D Student Sechal Park, along
   with Prof. Heiko Jacobs of Technische Universisitat
   Ilmenau (formerly of University of Minnesota
   College of Science and Engineering - ECE) and his
   Nanotechnology Group, was cited in the July 10
  Web posting of Nanowerk. The article — "Self- 
  assembly machines - a vision for the future of
  manufacturing" — discussed the research teams'
  proof-of-concept demonstrations testing new self-
  assembly concepts. The article was in response to
  the publishing in the Web edition of Advanced
  Materials of the research teams' paper,  "A First
  Implementation of an Automated Reel-to-Reel
  Fluidic Self-Assembly Machine." The paper
  outlines the first example of a device to assemble
  and to distribute LEDs over large areas for solid
  state lighting applications. This reel-to-reel (RTR)
  fluidic self-assembly platform assembles and
  electrically connects semiconductor chips with a
  yield exceeding a 99 percent benchmark set by a
  robotic pick and place machine. To read more, go to


Prof. Zhi-Quan Luo elected to Royal Society of Canada

Tom Luo 2013 Prof. Zhi-Quan (Tom) Luo has been elected
 to the Royal Soceity of Canada, the highest
 honor for a scholar or artist in Canada.


Prof. Georgios Giannakis ro receive the 2015 IEEE Fourier Technical
Field Award

G. Giannakis 2013 Prof. Georgios Giannakis has been selected
 to receive the 2015 IEEE Fourier Technical
 Field Award (TFA) for his contributions to the
 theory and practice of statistical signal
 processing and its applications to wireless
 communications. The TFA award was
 established in 2013 and Prof. Giannakis is
 its first recipent.


Prof. Chris Kim receives funding award for
MnDrive Transdiciplinary Research

 Chris Kim 2013

 Prof. Chris Kim has received a funding award
 for MnDrive Transdisciplinary Research. His
 project — "Design and Manufacture of Wearable,
 Printed, and Flexible Electronics for Treating
 Neurological Disorders" — was selected from
 among 61 proposals.


Prof. Ned Mohan to join Pres. Kaler's delegation to Norway

Ned Mohan 2013  Prof. Ned Mohan has been invited to be a part 
  of the delegation led by University of Minnesota
  President Kaler during the president's trip to
  Norway this summer. The delegation will visit the
  University of Olso, the University of Trondheim,
  and the University of Agder.


Paper written by ECE alumnus Bodhisatwa Sadhu (Ph.D.'12) cited as
most downloaded
by IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits

Bodi Sadhu




  A paper written by ECE alumnus Bodhisatwa
  Sadhu (Ph.D. '12) was cited as the most down-
  loaded paper in IEEE Journal of Solid-State
in 2013. “A linearized, low-phase-noise
  VCO-based 25-GHz PLL with automatic biasing”, 
  IEEE JSSC May 2013 was written by Sadhu
  during his research work at the University of
  Minnesota done in collaboration with IBM. The
  paper was downloaded 2,810 times in 2013 and
  3,173 to date.
 Currently, Sadhu is employed by IBM T.J. Watson
 Research Lab.
(Prof. Ramesh Harjani, former advisor)


Charles Babbage Institute Newsletter Spring 2014
Among the topics covered for the spring issue are: Sloan Grant to
CBI for “Tripling Women in Computing (1965-85)”; CBI-Los Alamos
HPC History Project; Misa Interviews Control Data Australia


News Archives

CSE SHOP: Now Offering 3-D Printing
The CSE Shop designs, fabricates, welds, and repairs prototypes
and scientific research equipment. The shop also provides 3D printing
services, Customers can visit the shop or send drawings for estimates

THE CSE SHOP has two locations: Tate Lab, Physics Room 30 and
Mechanical Engineering , Room 2-134.

More information about the CSE Shop equipment, 3D printer, hourly rates,
and exmaples of shop work cab be found at the CSE SHOP Web Site

University of Minnesota CSE Machine Shop, Physics
116 Church Street SE, Room 30,
Minneapolis, MN 55455.
Jon Kilgore - Managing Research Engineer - kilgo001 at - (612) 624-4328
Ron Bystrom -Shop Foreman - email bystrom002 at, - (612) 624-7048
Fax (612) 624-4578

University of Minnesota CSE Shop, ME
111Church St SE, Room 2-134 ME
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Mike Jensen - Managing Research Engineer - mjjensen at - (612)-625-2062
Bob Jones - Shop Foreman- jones018 at - (612) 625-0549




2014 Fall Colloquium Schedule 

Past Colloquium presenters  

College of Science and Engineering
                  Fall 2014

Science and Engineering Career Fair  
Date: Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014
Time: 10 a.m.–4 p.m.
Location: Mariucci Arena

Math & Science Family Fun Fair  
Date: Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014
Time: 10 a.m.–4 p.m.
Location: Coffman Memorial Union

Community Events of Note

Robotics Alley Conf. and Expo
Sept. 17-18
Saint Paul River Center
Saint Paul, MN

Cyber Security Summit 2014
Oct. 21-22
Minneapolis, MN

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