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Design and Synthesis of Molecules for Organic Electronics

Prof. Chris Douglas
Department of Chemistry
University of Minnesota

Tetracene and its relative, 5,6,11,12-tetraphenyltetracene (rubrene), have attracted a tremendous amount of interest as p-type crystalline organic semiconductors.  Rubrene in particular possesses many of the desired qualities for an “ideal” organic semiconductor: high charge mobility (~ 20 V/m•sec in single crystals), excellent HOMO/LUMO overlap in crystalline pi-stacks, oxygen stability, solution or vapor processing, flexible thin films, and facile synthesis.  This talk will focus on the design of a versatile synthesis of rubrene analogs, including crystal engineering.  Characterazation of the materials, including preliminary device studies will also be presented.

Brief Bio:
Chris Douglas became an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities (Chemistry) in 2007.  His interests include synthetic organic chemistry and organic semiconductors.