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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Taming the Deluge of Complexity - from SoCs to DataCenters

Kevin Gomez
SSD System Architecture & Advanced Development


Now is arguably the most exciting time for computer architecture. At an inflection point spawned of the power and memory walls, forcing multi-core processing into the mainstream, where data movement costs more energy than compute, the IEEE has set itself the goal "to completely rethink computing, from devices to circuits to architecture and software".

This talk describes experiences from the trenches of designing high performance data storage and computing systems and the methods which have proven useful in taming the complexity.

Kevin Gomez works in the SSD Architecture team at Seagate MN. He has been with Seagate for 25yrs, not including interning at Seagate before college, assembling Seagate's first disk drive. Kevin was Director of Advanced Concepts at Seagate R&D in Singapore and subsequently Director of Servo at Seagate Research in Pittsburgh. Breaking away from management, he moved to research in machine learning and data analytics architectures initiating the Non-Linear Stochastic Processing project with Profs Tom Mitchell and Dave Touretzky at CMU and has more recently collaborated with Prof David Lilja on the Storage Compute project.
Kevin is an ECE Graduate of the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University and has over 40 patents.