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Nanoplasmonics: Reaching Out to the Single Molecule

Dr. Reuven Gordon
University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia

Nanoplasmonics refers to the nanostructuring of metals to achieve enhanced light-matter interaction, down to the single molecule level. This talk will highlight some of our research advances towards single-molecule (and other) technologies. In particular, I will discuss reliable single molecule Raman by using the antenna concept of directivity. I will show how we can grab hold of single proteins with light, unfold them and also detect single protein binding with great sensitivity. Nanohole array surface plasmon resonance with 10^-7 refractive index unit resolution will be discussed. I will show how nanoplasmonics can improve THz sources, and can allow for enhanced second harmonic generation. Finally, I will talk about large field enhancements that can be achieved by combining nanoplasmonics with permittivity-near-zero materials.

Dr. Reuven Gordon is the Canada Research Chair in Nanoplasmonics at the University of Victoria, Canada. In 2009, he was a visiting Professor at the Institute for Photonic Sciences (ICFO -- Barcelona, Spain). He has received a Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance Award (2001), an Accelerate BC Industry Impact Award (2007), an AGAUR Visiting Professor Fellowship (2009), and the Craigdarroch Silver Medal for Research Excellence (2011). Dr. Gordon has over 100 journal papers (including 6 invited contributions) and two book chapters. He is co-inventor for two patents and three patent applications. Dr. Gordon is a Professional Engineer of BC.