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Electrical and Computer Engineering

2011 Tech Tune Up

Join the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for insights and commentaries on the latest breakthroughs and innovations from our internationally renowned researchers and practitioners. Hone your competitive edge to stay ahead of the market and technological changes in today’s environment. For more information:  Contact Paula Beck at 612-624-2284 or e-mail at
Please note: If a minimum number of participants is not met for a course, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will close the course. ("Active Sensing and Learning", "CMOS Data Converter Design", "Designing, Modeling, and CAD for reliability in nanometer-scale circuits", and "Statistical Techniques for Computer Evaluation" have been canceled.)


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      $150 for Half-day course
      $275 for Full-day course
      $825 for 3-day course


Course Schedule

Wednesday, May 25        1:30 - 5 p.m.    Half Day     Afternoon    Keller Hall 3-111
     Power Basics for Harnessing Energy from Renewables (Wind and PV)
     Prof. Ned Mohan's PhD students Kaushik Basu, Gysler Castelino, and
     Apurva Somani

Wednesday, June 1        1:30 - 5 p.m.    Half day   Afternoon     Keller Hall 3 -111
     Support Vector Machines and Predictive Data Modeling Methodology
     Prof. Vladimir Cherkassky

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday,  June 6-8        8:30 - 5 p.m.    3-Day     Keller Hall 3 -111
     Day 1 - Introduction to CUDA programming for GPGPU computing
     Dr. Weijun Xiao

Thursday, June 9        8:30-5 p.m.    Full Day     Keller Hall 3 -111
     Performance Optimization for CUDA programs
     Dr. Weijun Xiao

Thursday, June 9       8:30 - Noon    Half day   Morning     Keller Hall 3 -115
     Smart Grid: Enable a stronger, smarter and more secure electric power and energy infrastructure
     Prof. Massoud Amin