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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty Research Groups

Biomedical and Biological Computational Methods, Devices and Systems

Akkin, Taner (affiliated) -  High Resolution Optical Imaging: Neural Imaging
Cherkassky, Vladimir -  Biomedical Data Analysis, Biomedical Imaging
Ebbini, Emad  - Biomedical Imaging, Ultrasound Systems Imaging &Therapy
Franklin, Rhonda - RF Characterization of Biological Materials and Biomedical Applications
Georgiou, Tryphon  - Signal Processing
Giannakis,Georgios -  Gene Regulatory Networks
Gopinath, Anand -  High field MRI systems and application
Hammer, Bruce (affiliated) - Biomedical Instrumentation, Miniaturization of NMR/MRI Instrumentation
Harjani, Ramesh -  Biomedical, Wireless, Sensor Interfaces, MRI Circuits
Haupt, Jarvis -  Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
He, Bin (affiliated) -  Bioinstrumentation and Imaging
Kaveh, Mostafa  - Signal Processing, Wireless Communications
Koester, Steven -  Wireless Radiation and Glucose Sensors for Biomedical Applications
Leger, James -  Imaging Technology
Low, Tony - Physics and modeling of bio-sensing devices
Myers, Chad (affiliated) -  Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Gene/Protein Interaction Networks
Oh, Sang-Hyun -  Biomedical Sensors
Papanikolopoulos, Nikolaos (affiliated) -  Robotics, Sensors for Medical and Transportation Applications, and Computer Vision
Parhi, Keshab -  Biomedical Signal Processing
Riedel, Marc - Molecular Computing, Synthetic Biology and Computational Biology
Stadler, Bethanie  - Magnetic and Photonic Microfluidics
Vaughan, Thomas (affiliated) -  High field MRI systems and applications
Victora, Randall - Biomagnetic Applications
Wang, Jian-Ping -  Biomedical Magnetic Devices and Materials, Magnetic Biosensing for Disease Early Detection and Drug Discovery


Communications, Signal Processing, and Networking

Cherkassky, Vladimir -  Statistical Learning Pattern Recognition Machine Learning
Du, David (affiliated) -  Future Internet, Wireless/Sensor Networks
Ebbini, Emad  - Speckle tracking, filter-based high speed 3D imaging, nonlinear signal processing
Georgiou, Tryphon -   Signal Processing, Statistical Signal Processing
Giannakis, Georgios -  Statistical Signal Processing, Wireless Communications and Cognitive Networks
Harjani, Ramesh -  Analog/RF Integrated Circuits for Communications
Haupt, Jarvis -  Statistical Signal Processing, Image Processing, Sensor Networks, and Adaptive Sampling Techniques
He, Bin (affiliated) -  Biomedical Signal Processing and Imaging
He, Tian (affiliated) -  Wireless and Sensor Networks, Distributed Systems
Kaveh, Mostafa -  Signal Processing, Wireless Communications
Luo, Zhi-Quan Tom  - Communications Information Theory, Optimization Signal Processing
Mazumdar, Arya - Information theory, error-correcting codes, codes for memory and storage, discrete mathematics in communications, networking, signal processing and security, random processes and probabilistic methods

Mohajer, Soheil - Information Theory, Distributed Storage Systems, Communications, Dynamic Networks, Bioinformatics
Papanikolopoulos, Nikolaos (affiliated) -  Robotics, Sensors for Medical and Transportation Applications, and Computer Vision
Parhi, Keshab -  Digital Signal Processing, VLSI Digital Signal Processing
Sidiropoulos, Nikos -  Signal Processing, Communications, Cross-Layer Network Optimization
Zhang, Zhi-Li (affiliated) -  Communications Networks and Networked Systems


Computer Engineering, VLSI, and Circuits

Bazargan, Kia - Computer-Aided Design, FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)
Cherkassky, Vladimir - Predictive Learning, Artificial Neural Networks
Du, David (affiliated) - Sensor/vehicular networks, intelligent storage systems and management of big data sets
Gopinath, Anand - Analog/RF Integrated Circuits
Harjani, Ramesh - Analog/RF Integrated Circuits
Karpuzcu, Ulya R. - Computer Architecture, Impact of Technology on Architecture, Hardware Reliability
Kim, Chris Hyung-il - VLSI Circuit Design
Lilja, David - Computer Architecture, High-performance Computing, Storage systems, Parallel computing
Papanikolopoulos, Nikolaos (Affiliated) - Robotics, Sensors for Medical and Transportation Applications, and Computer Vision
Riedel, Marc - Biological Computing, Computer-Aided Design
Sapatnekar, Sachin - Computer-Aided Design
Sartori, John - Computer Architecture, Computer-Aided Design, Stochastic Computing, Low-Power Design and Architecture, Application-Aware Design
Sobelman, Gerald - VLSI for Communications and Signal Processing
Yew, Pen-Chung (affiliated) - High Performance Computing, Computer Architectures, Compilers, Performance Evaluation, System Virtualization
Zhai, Antonia (affiliated) - Computer Architecture, Compiler Optimization

Energy Systems and Power Electronics

Amin, Massoud - Energy, Smart Grids, Control Engineering, Infrastructure Security-Modeling, Optimization and Control of Complex Interdependent Systems
Campbell, Stephen - Photovoltaic Devices
Cho, Jeong-Hyun - 3-D Nanostructures for Energy Storage (Li-ion battery), Self-Assembled 3D Micro Power Generator
Dhople, Sairaj Vijaykumar - Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Renewable Energy Systems
Giannakis, Georgios - Monitoring and Optimization of the Smart Grid
Holmes, Russell (affiliated) - Organic Photovoltaics
Koester, Steven - Photovoltaic Devices
Low, Tony - Physics and modeling of energy harvesting and conversion devices
Mohan, Ned - Power Electronics, Electromechanics
Oh, Sang-Hyun - Photovoltaic Devices
Robbins, William - Energy Harvesting, Power Electronics

Fields, Photonics, and Magnetic Recording Technology

Akkin, Taner (affiliated) - Biomedical Optics and Noninvasive Imaging
Ernie, Douglas - Plasma Technology and Applications, Telecollaboration for Education and Research
Franklin, Rhonda - Fields and Photonics, High Frequency, Microwave Circuits
Gopinath, Anand - Photonics, RF/Microwave Devices and Circuits, Antennas, Photonic Bandgap Structures, Metamaterials
Holmes, Russell (affiliated) - Organic and Hybrid Semiconductors, Optoelectronics, Energy Applications
Steve Koester - High-Speed Optoelectronic Devices
Leger, James - Micro- and nano-optical Systems, Laser Design, Biotechnology
Li, Mo - Nanophotonics, Quantum Optics, Photonic Crystal Structures, Radio Frequency and Microwave Devices, Nanotechnology
Low, Tony - Physics and modeling of nanophotonics, plasmonics, optoelectronics
Oh, Sang-Hyun - Nanophotonics, Biophotonics, Biosensors
Stadler, Bethanie - Nanomagnetic and Photonic Materials and Devices
Talghader, Joseph - MEMS, Nanotechnology. Microelectronics and Optoelectronics
Thomas Vaughn  - Numerical Modeling of EM Field Propagation and Losses in Human Anatomy
 Victora, Randall - Biomagnetic Applications, Magnetic Recording, Magnetics, Nanotechnology (Nanomagnetism), Spintronics
 Wang, Jian-Ping - Spintronics, Magnetic Logic, Computation and Memory, Magnetic, Biomagnetics, Nanotechnology and Nanodevices (nanomagnetism)

Micro and Nanostructures

 Campbell, Stephen - MEMS, Nanotechnology, Photovoltaics
Cho, Jeong-Hyun - Surface Patterning on Nanoparticles, Micro- and Nanoscale Self-Assembled 3D Sensors
Cohen, Philip - Microelectronics, Crystal Growth
Franklin, Rhonda - Microelectronics Nanofabrication
Gopinath, Anand - Microelectronics, nanofabrication
Higman, Ted - Circuits, Microelectronics
Koester, Steven - Novel Electronic Devices, Nanotechnology and Nanofabric
Leger, James - Micro and Nano Optics, Diffractive Optics, Diffraction Theory, Applications of Diffraction
Li, Mo - Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems (NEMS/MEMS),Nanofabrication, Sensors
Low, Tony - Physics and modeling of nanodevices, spintronics and materials
Oh, Sang-Hyun - Nanofabrication
Robbins, William - Microelectronics, Ultrasonics, Sensors
Ruden, P. Paul - Microelectronics, Physics of Semiconductors
Stadler, Bethanie - Magnetoelectronics
Talghader, Joseph - MEMS, Nanotechnology, Microelectronics and Optoelectronics
Victora, Randall - Nanomagnetism
Wang, Jian-Ping - Spintronics

Systems and Control

Amin, Massoud - Systems Science, Control Engineering, Infrastructure Security-Complex Systems and Networks
Georgiou, Tryphon - Control and Systems Engineering
He, Bin (affiliated) - Biomedical Systems and Control
Jovanovic, Mihailo - Control Engineering, Distributed Systems Theory and Applications
Lamperski, Andrew - Systems and Controls (Joining Faculty Fall, 2014)
Papanikolopoulos, Nikolaos (affiliate) - Robotics, Sensors for Medical and Transportation Applications, and Computer Vision
Salapaka, Murti - Control Theory, Nanotechnology, Scanning Probe Microscopy
Zeitouni, Ofer (affiliated) - Filtering Theory