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Mo Li
Assistant Professor


Area of Expertise: Nanophotonics, NEMS/MEMS, nanoscale RF/microwave devices,
low noise and quantum measurements, bio/chemical sensors


Ph.D. in Applied Physics, 2007, California Institute of Technology
M.S. in Physics, 2003, University of California - San Diego
B.S. in Physics, 2001, University of Science and Technology of China

Contact information

Office: 5-127 Keller Hall
Phone: 612-625-4873
Personal Web site:

Selected Publications

• Mo Li, W. H. P. Pernice and H. X. Tang, “Reactive Cavity Optical Force on Micro-disk Coupled Nanomechanical Beam Waveguides”, Physical Review Letters 103, 223901 (2009).

• Mo Li, W. H. P. Pernice, H. X. Tang, “Tunable bipolar optical interactions between guided lightwaves”, Nature Photonics 3, 464 (2009). (Featured on cover.)

• Mo Li, W. H. P. Pernice, H. X. Tang, “Broadband all-photonic transduction of nanocantielvers”, Nature Nanotechnology 4, 377(2009).
(See also accompanying News & Views: “Nanophotonics: Gradient force shows its potential”, by Mark Freeman, Univ. of Alberta.)

• Mo Li , W. H. P. Pernice, C. Xiong, T. Baehr-Jones, M. Hochberg, H. X. Tang, “Harnessing optical forces in integrated photonic circuits”, Nature 456, 480 (2008).
(See also accompanying News & Views: “Photonics: Nanomechanics gets the shakes”, by Tobias Kippenberg, Max-Plank Institute.)

• Mo Li, H. X. Tang, M. L. Roukes, “Ultrasensitive, NEMS-based cantilevers for sensing, scanned probe, and very high frequency applications”, Nature Nanotechnology 2, 114 (2007).
(See also accompanying News & Views: “Nanosensors: small strains, big gains”, by John Mamin, IBM Research.)