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Nathan Wittenberg

Nathan Wittenberg
Associate Research Professor


Area of Expertise
Nanobiotechnology, optical biosensing, chemistry of biological interfaces, and electrochemistry

Contact Information
Office: 4-147A Keller Hall,
Phone: 612-626-7216

B.S. Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Ph.D. Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University

Selected Publications
X. Xu, N.J. Wittenberg, L.R. Jordan, S. Kumar, J.O. Watzlawik, A.E. Warrington, S.H. Oh, M. Rodriguez. A patterned recombinant human IgM guides neurite outgrowth of CNS neurons. Scientific Reports, 2013, 3, 2267.

S. Kumar, N.J. Wittenberg, S.H. Oh. Nanopore-induced spontaneous concentration for optofluidic sensing and particle assembly. Anal Chem 2013, 85, 971 – 977.

N.J. Wittenberg, T.W. Johnson, S.H. Oh. High density arrays of sub-micron spherical supported lipid bilayers. Anal Chem 2012, 84, 8207 – 8213.

N.J. Wittenberg, H. Im, X. Xu, B. Wootla, J. Watzlawik, A.E. Warrington, M. Rodriguez, S.H. Oh. High-affinity binding of remyelinating natural autoantibodies to myelin-mimicking lipid bilayers revealed by nanohole surface plasmon resonance. Anal Chem 2012 84, 6031 – 6039.

N.J. Wittenberg, H. Im, T.W. Johnson, X. Xu, A.E. Warrington, M. Rodriguez, S.H. Oh. Facile assembly of micro- and nanoarrays for sensing with natural cell membranes, ACS Nano 2011 5, 7555 – 7564.

H. Im, N.J. Wittenberg, A. Lesuffleur, N.C. Lindquist, S.H. Oh. Membrane protein biosensing with plasmonic nanopore arrays and pore spanning lipid membranes, Chem Sci 2010, 6, 688 – 696.

S. Ge, N.J. Wittenberg, C.L. Haynes. Real-time and quantitative detection of chemical messenger secretion from single platelets, Biochemistry 2008, 47, 7020 – 7024.