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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering
List of Funds

Please note that this is a representative list of endowed funds.
If you do not see the fund you would like to support, please
contact Anastacia Quinn Davis.

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Our NEW 9090 Envision Fund

1150 Hartig Fund

1939 Bruce J. Bergman Graduate Fellowship Fund in Electrical Engineering

1942 William "Thomas" Burt Scholarship Fund

2006 Roger and Ruth Nordby Technology Scholarship

2106 Glover-Steinmetz Scholarship Fund

2199 Daniel Sun and Helen Hu Electrical and Computer Engineering Fellowship Fund

2278 Roger Nordby Electrical Engineering Scholarship

2739 Oscar A. Schott Scholarship Fund in Electrical Engineering

2866 The Rudolph and Mildred Nelson Scholarship Fund

2873 The Rudolph and Mildred Nelson Fellowship Fund

2950 Robert E. Rice Scholarship Fund

3378 Solar Vehicle Project Student Group

3386 Chauncey L. Green Scholarship Fund

3680 Bruce and Joan Richard Engineering Scholarship Fund

4123 Wendell A. Johnson Endowed Scholarship

4849 The Gordon and Marie Hackborn College of Science and Engineering Scholarship

4965 The Rodger E. and Sandra P. Ziemer Electrical Engineering Scholarship Fund


5566 Prof. K.S.P. and Usha Kumar Scholarship in Electrical & Computer Engineering

5570 Louis John Schnell Endowed Fellowship in Electrical & Computer Engineering

5642 Vojta Family Scholarship

5786 The Richard W. and Carol F. McNamara Scholarship Fund

5787 The Robert J. and Lorene W. Youngquist Scholarship Fund

6072 Carl E. ('27 EE) and Ethel A. Swanson Electrical Engineering Endowment Fund

6342 Dr. Steven K. Case Optics Fellowship

6577 Lowell E. Norton Endowed Fellowship

7352 Gary H. Glover Fellowship

7446 James A. Zeese Scholarship Fund

7536 The Kevin and AJ KleinOsowski Electrical and Computer Engineering Fellowship

7537 F. Robert and Patricia N. Naka Fellowship Fund

7584 Dr. John D. and Barbara E. Holm Fellowship Fund

7653 E. Bruce Lee Memorial 21st Century Fellowship Fund

7948 Leo D. and Bella Yau Electrical Engineering Fellowship Fund


8300 Kaveh Fellowship Fund

8386 Robert F. Hartmann Scholarship Fund

8504 Dr. Krzysztof K. Burhardt and April L. Spas Fellowship Fund

8577 Innovative Engineers Student Group

8713 Bernard D. Paul Graduate Fellowship in Electrical Engineering 

8992 ECE Staff Recognition

9090 Envision Fund