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Henry Edward Hartig Fund - 1150

Henry Hartig

Henry Edward Hartig
Photo taken 1957

The Hartig Fund is named for Professor Henry Hartig, who led our program to national prominence
while serving as department head from 1929 to 1960. Upon his retirement, former students and
colleagues created the Hartig Fund as a tribute to his many years of dedicated service. 

Donations to this fund help with scholarships, special equipment purchases and needs that
exceed the funds we receive from the State and tuition. Without additional funds, we would not
be able to provide the richness or depth in our education offerings that are so important to
helping our students achieve their educational and professional goals.

Hartig Fund - Recent Projects Funded
• Supporting a growing IEEE student group with a recent space remodel and their conference.  
  They have responded with growing membership and giving free memberships to newly 
  admitted students.

• Supporting HKN with operating money and individual scholarships in exchange for offering
   tutoring to our students at all undergraduate levels.

• Supporting the newly formed WIE with an operating budget and support for outreach 
  activities and professional development opportunities.

• Learning Abroad scholarships to help students study abroad during 3-week May term 
  sessions and semester experiences.

• Paul Imbertson's Bridges and Innovative Engineers has received support, spreading
  expertise and direct help to the people of Nicaragua. 

• Supporting TAs, especially undergrad TAs, for extra support in our undergraduate courses.

• Undergraduate project support for the CSE Expo, an event that brings middle-schoolers to
   campus to explore interactive science and engineering projects built by our students.



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