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Academic Adviser

Students admitted to our program are assigned academic advisers to help with the planning of their academic programs. The academic adviser has no financial commitment to the students they are advising. The academic adviser also has no commitment to be the students' research adviser.


Research Adviser

Finding a research adviser is the responsibility of the student. The research adviser will help plan the degree program, will sign the necessary forms for the student's degree, and will serve as the student's advocate in the department. Identifying a research adviser early in the graduate career is essential. The academic adviser can offer advice on which faculty member the student should consider approaching to be his or her research adviser based on research interests. A student's academic adviser, by mutual consent, can become the student's research adviser. For a doctoral student, the research adviser will serve as a guide for the student's PhD dissertation research.

Students who are uncertain who they would like as their research advisers should schedule a time to meet with faculty members in their interest areas. Students also might develop an interest in working with a faculty member after taking a class from a professor. The department faculty directory on the ECE Web site is a good source for information about faculty members' research interests along with their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

Students who have changed advisers should e-mail Linda Jagerson so that she can contact the Graduate School to update their graduate school records/transcripts. The following information should be included when e-mailing: complete name, U of M identification number, current adviser's name, and new adviser's name.