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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Curricular Practical Training EE5990

    • Curricular Practical Training EE 5990 does not qualify toward Electrical Engineering graduate degree
       program requirements.
    • Curricular Practical Training should be taken SUMMER SEMESTER ONLY unless approved by both
       your adviser and the Director of Graduate Studies (give your request to Linda Jagerson).
    •  Any international student wishing to do Curricular Practical Training to work off-campus, must register
       for EE 5990. DO NOT register for Directed Studies, or Special Investigations.
    • If you work off-campus, you must register for EE 5990 the semester you work off campus. DO NOT
      delay your registration to another semester.
    • Directed Study and Special Investigation classes do not qualify for working off-campus, only EE 5990      
       qualifies. This is a department rule.
    • If you have any questions about curricular practical training with regard to department requirements,
      please make an appointment with Linda Jagerson, by phone at 612-625-3564, or stop in during her
      office hours.