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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering Libraries

     Subject Librarian: Jan Fransen
      • Email:
      • IM and Twitter: umjanlib
      • Phone: 612-624-7446
      • Mail: 108 Walter Library
        117 Pleasant St. SE
        Minneapolis, MN 55455


The University of Minnesota Library System, with over 3.5 million volumes, is one of the 13 largest university
collections in the United States. Bibliographic and other services of professional librarians are available to
graduate students, and the library system is an invaluable asset for serious research. The main library site
is and the Science and Engineering Library is available at
The physical sciences and engineering collections are housed primarily in Walter Library. College of Science
and Engineering librarians in Walter Library will be happy to discuss the collections and explain how to use the
library services (including LUMINA). Students need a University identification card to withdraw books or
periodicals from the library system.