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MSEE Plan A  Off-Campus Thesis Research Petition

Off-Campus Research

A student who has completed at least one year of full-time graduate study on campus and who has been
admitted to candidacy for a degree may petition the de­partment's Graduate Committee to do thesis
research off-campus. This petition should be written in the form of a memo and must be accompanied by
an outline, in moderate detail, of the proposed research. It should be signed by your adviser and should be
submitted to Linda Jagerson for departmental handling. The burden of proof of the desirability of such
an arrangement rests upon the stu­dent and his/her adviser. Approval must be obtained before the project

The following principles will apply:
   1. The specific area of the thesis research must be represented in the Graduate School; i.e., the faculty
       adviser must be competent to direct the thesis research.
   2. The off-campus site must offer special opportunities, such as experimental facili­ties, installations,
       specialized collections, or collaborative research items, which are unavailable on campus.
   3. A member of the graduate faculty must actively join in the direction of the re­search of the student.
   4. An outline of the proposed research study must be approved by the student’s examining committee
       before the research begins.