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Optical MEMS Group research combines aspects of optoelectronics, micromachining, and microelectronics, incorporating aspects of optics, MEMS, microfabrication, and nanotechnology. Explore our site to learn more about us and our research.


  • June 4, 2013

    Optical MEMS Group congratulates Ryan Shea for a successful final Ph.D defense today. Dr. Shea departs for Cypress Semiconductor.
  • May 1, 2013

    Congratulations to Anand Gawarikar for completing his Ph.D today! The newly-minted Dr. Gawarikar will take up a position at Intel.
  • February 15, 2013

    Congratulations to Sangho Kim, who officially defended his Ph.D thesis today. The new Dr. Kim can now be found at Seagate.
  • January 19, 2011

    Optical MEMS Group bids a fond farewell to Nick Gabriel, who successfully defended his Ph.D thesis today and departs shortly for a post at Honeywell.