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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering Course SAMPLE Syllabi

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EE 1301   Introduction to Computing Systems

EE 2001   Introduction to Circuits and Electronics

EE 2002   Introduction to Circuits and Electronics Laboratory

EE 2011   Linear Systems and Circuits

EE 2301   Introduction to Digital Systems Design

EE 2361   Introduction to Microcontrollers

EE 3005   Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

EE 3015   Signals and Systems

EE 3025   Statistical Methods in Electrical and Computer Engineering

EE 3101   Circuits and Electronics Laboratory I

EE 3102   Circuits and Electronics Laboratory II

EE 3115   Analog Electronics

EE 3161   Semiconductor Devices

EE 3601   Lines, Fields, and Waves

EE 4951   Senior Design Projects

EE 4981   Senior Design Project