Arya Mazumdar

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Arya Mazumdar
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Keller Hall 6-109 | Phone: 612-625-3505 | email: arya AT

Research Interests

  • Information Theory and Coding Theory: Applications to Storage, Security and Learning.

  • Distributed and Networked Systems.

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Research supported by

  • NSF1526763 Ordinal Data Compression, Role: PI (2015-2018).

  • NSF CAREER Reliability in Large-Scale Storage (2015-2020).

  • NSF1318093 Combinatorial Joint Source Channel Coding, Role: PI (2013-2016).

    • NSF1535566 REU Supplement (2015-2016).




I was born in the then-small-town of Siliguri in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. I spent the wonder-years there and in Jadavpur, Kolkata, till I graduated with a B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering.

Prospective Graduate Students

I am seeking graduate students in the areas of my research interest (see here). If you are an interested student already enrolled in Minnesota, feel free to email me. If you are a graduate applicant then mention my name and your interest in your application.