EE4389: Homework

Professor Cherkassky, University of Minnesota, Fall Semester 2015
  • Homework 1, due Thursday 09/17.

    • For Problem 1.7, use the adjusted closing price of SP500 (symbol ^GSPC).

    • Solutions.

  • Homework 2, due Thursday 10/01.

    • Two URLs for Problem 2.7 and 2.8, obesity and election 2004 (also available here).
      In Problem 2.7, use obseity rates and election results in 2004 as the training set, and obseity rates and election results in 2000 as the test set.

    • The knnrule() and knnclass() in STPRTool package might be useful for Problem 2.7 and 2.8.
      See also the example.
      Or use knnclassify() in Matlab Statistical Learning Toolbox.

    • For Problem 2.11 and 2.12, generate 10 data points according to the description in textbook Example 1.4, pp. 16–17.
      You would need the Linear Regression Toolbox for these problems.
      See also the example.

  • Homework 5, due Thursday 12/03.

    • For Problem 7.7, see example in here.

      • Set options.arg = 1 for linear SVM.

    • For the 3rd problem, see example in here.

      • Refer to README file in matlab folder of LibSVM for installation.

    • Solutions.