03/02/2015: Nathan's paper on waveguide-integrated black phosphorus photodetector is published online by Nature Photonics. Congratulations!

UMN News Release: Black phosphorus is new ‘wonder material’ for improving optical communication

OSA Optics and Photonics News IEEE Spectrum EE Times Kurzweil AI

02/05/2015: Huan is nominated by the Chicago Consulate to receive the Chinese Government Scholarship for Oversea Graduate Students. Congratulations!

02/05/2015: Huan successfully defensed his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Li, the 2nd graduate of our group! Dr. Li will continue as a postdoc in our group.

01/30/2015: Mo receives the Guillermo E. Borja Career Development Award, "given to promising young faculty members of the College of Science and Engineering in recognition of their research and scholarly accomplishments during their probationary period as assistant professors. The award comes with $3000 to use for scholarly and research activities."

11/26/2014: Our surface acoustic wave photonics paper hits the news. [UMN News] [IEEE Spectrum]

11/05/2014: Huan is featured on Nature Nanotechnology. In an article in "In the Classroom" column, he wrote about his own research experience of nanophotonics that led to the paper of photon shuttle, publisehd in the same issue, as well as his path in our group. See the article here. Our paper is also highlighted by the "News and Views".

09/23/2014: Semere's paper “Sub-optical wavelength acoustic wave modulation of integrated photonic resonators at microwave frequencies” is accepted by Nature Communications. Congratulations!

09/22/2014: Our photon seesaw paper is in the news. [UMN News]

08/27/2014: Yu has successfully defensed his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Chen, the first graduate of our group!

08/07/2014: Huan's paper on a photon see-saw device and optomechanical photon shuttling is accepted by Nature Nanotechnology. Congratulations!

07/30/2014: Our group welcome new graduate student Qiyu Liu from USTC, China.

06/20/2014: Our group welcome new graduate student Euijae Shim from UPenn.

05/22/2014: Our group will give 7 presentations at CLEO:2014

  • [Mon] SM2M.4. Integrated Crystalline Silicon and Silicon Nitride Photonic Devices on Plastic Substrates, Yu Chen; Mo Li
  • [Mon] SM3E.5. Nanobeam Photonic Crystal Cavity Based Multifunctional Gas-Phase Chemical Sensor, Yu Chen; William S. Fegadolli; Axel Scherer; Mo Li
  • [Wed] SW1M.5. Heterogeneously Integrated MIR Silicon Photonics, Yu Chen; Hongtao Lin; Juejun Hu; Mo Li
  • [Wed] JW2A.85. Ultrahigh frequency surface acoustic wave modulation of optical resonators, Semere Tadesse; Mo Li
  • [Thu] FTh1K.5. Torsional Cavity Optomechanical Nano-Seesaw System, Huan Li; Mo Li
  • [Thu] STh1M.3. Simultaneous optical modulation and detection using graphene integrated on a silicon waveguide, Nathan Youngblood; Yoska Anugrah; Rui Ma; Steven Koester; Mo Li
  • [Fri] SF1O.3. On-chip synthesis of circularly polarized light with a 2D grating emitter ,Li He; Mo Li

01/17/2014: Mo receives the NSF Career Award.

07/15/2013: Our group receives a grant from NSF to develop the next-generation opto-electrical nerual probes, in collaboration with Prof. Sotiris Masmanidis at UCLA.

05/06/2013: Huan is awarded the Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF) from the Graduate School. The fellowship supports his Ph.D. study for one academic year and provides a travel grant for him to present his work at a conference. Congratulations, Huan!

01/22/2013: Mo is awarded the McKnight Land-Grant Professorship of the University of Minnesota. It provides a research grant and waives one-year teaching load. More equipment and time in the labs!

01/17/2013: Our group will participate in the newly funded C-SPIN center, homed at the ECE Department of the University of Minnesota. As one of the member centers of the STARnet, C-SPIN will receive $28 million support from SRC and DARPA in five years.

01/02/2013: Graduate student Li He joins our group. Welcome!

10/10/2012: Our work on optomechanical relay is in the news:

OSA Optics and Photonics News (OPN), UMN Press Release, Phys.org, Citypages

01/02/2012: Graduate student Nathan Youngblood joins our group with a CSE graduate fellowship. Welcome and congratulations!

08/30/2012: Huan and Yu's two papers are accepted by Nature Communications and Scientific Reports, respectively. Congratulations!

07/16/2012: Our group is awarded a grant from NSF to develop flexible silicon photonics on plastic substrate.

03/19/2012: Our group is awarded a grant from NSF to combine infrared spectroscopy with mass spectrometry for chemical sensing, in collaboration with Prof. Juejun (JJ) Hu at the University of Delaware.

01/12/2012: Mo receives the Air Force Office of Research (AFOSR) Young Investigator(YIP) award. Press Release

01/01/2012: Graduate student Semere Tadesse  joins our group from the Physics Department.

07/06/2011: Our group is awarded a seed grant from UMN MRSEC, funded by NSF.

10/15/2010: Our recent NEMS Gas Chromatography paper on Nano Letters is highlighted by Lab on a Chip.

09/23/2010: Lab 4-134 is ready to for us to move in. Four optical tables have been installed in the labs.

08/28/2010: Graduate students Huan Li and Yu Chen join forces.

08/16/2010: Laboratory of Nanophotonics and Nanomechanics opens door.

12/17/2009: New website.