09/23/2014: Semere's paper “Sub-optical wavelength acoustic wave modulation of integrated photonic resonators at microwave frequencies” is accepted by Nature Communications. Congratulations!

09/22/2014: Our photon seesaw paper is in the news. [UMN News]

08/27/2014: Yu has successfully defensed his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Chen, the first graduate of our group!

08/07/2014: Huan's paper on a photon see-saw device and optomechanical photon shuttling is accepted by Nature Nanotechnology. Congratulations!

07/30/2014: Our group welcome new graduate student Qiyu Liu from USTC, China.

06/20/2014: Our group welcome new graduate student Euijae Shim from UPenn.

05/22/2014: Our group will give 7 presentations at CLEO:2014

  • [Mon] SM2M.4. Integrated Crystalline Silicon and Silicon Nitride Photonic Devices on Plastic Substrates, Yu Chen; Mo Li
  • [Mon] SM3E.5. Nanobeam Photonic Crystal Cavity Based Multifunctional Gas-Phase Chemical Sensor, Yu Chen; William S. Fegadolli; Axel Scherer; Mo Li
  • [Wed] SW1M.5. Heterogeneously Integrated MIR Silicon Photonics, Yu Chen; Hongtao Lin; Juejun Hu; Mo Li
  • [Wed] JW2A.85. Ultrahigh frequency surface acoustic wave modulation of optical resonators, Semere Tadesse; Mo Li
  • [Thu] FTh1K.5. Torsional Cavity Optomechanical Nano-Seesaw System, Huan Li; Mo Li
  • [Thu] STh1M.3. Simultaneous optical modulation and detection using graphene integrated on a silicon waveguide, Nathan Youngblood; Yoska Anugrah; Rui Ma; Steven Koester; Mo Li
  • [Fri] SF1O.3. On-chip synthesis of circularly polarized light with a 2D grating emitter ,Li He; Mo Li

01/17/2014: Mo receives the NSF Career Award.

07/15/2013: Our group receives a grant from NSF to develop the next-generation opto-electrical nerual probes, in collaboration with Prof. Sotiris Masmanidis at UCLA.

05/06/2013: Huan is awarded the Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF) from the Graduate School. The fellowship supports his Ph.D. study for one academic year and provides a travel grant for him to present his work at a conference. Congratulations, Huan!

01/22/2013: Mo is awarded the McKnight Land-Grant Professorship of the University of Minnesota. It provides a research grant and waives one-year teaching load. More equipment and time in the labs!

01/17/2013: Our group will participate in the newly funded C-SPIN center, homed at the ECE Department of the University of Minnesota. As one of the member centers of the STARnet, C-SPIN will receive $28 million support from SRC and DARPA in five years.

01/02/2013: Graduate student Li He joins our group. Welcome!

10/10/2012: Our work on optomechanical relay is in the news:

OSA Optics and Photonics News (OPN), UMN Press Release, Phys.org, Citypages

01/02/2012: Graduate student Nathan Youngblood joins our group with a CSE graduate fellowship. Welcome and congratulations!

08/30/2012: Huan and Yu's two papers are accepted by Nature Communications and Scientific Reports, respectively. Congratulations!

07/16/2012: Our group is awarded a grant from NSF to develop flexible silicon photonics on plastic substrate.

03/19/2012: Our group is awarded a grant from NSF to combine infrared spectroscopy with mass spectrometry for chemical sensing, in collaboration with Prof. Juejun (JJ) Hu at the University of Delaware.

01/12/2012: Mo receives the Air Force Office of Research (AFOSR) Young Investigator(YIP) award. Press Release

01/01/2012: Graduate student Semere Tadesse  joins our group from the Physics Department.

07/06/2011: Our group is awarded a seed grant from UMN MRSEC, funded by NSF.

10/15/2010: Our recent NEMS Gas Chromatography paper on Nano Letters is highlighted by Lab on a Chip.

09/23/2010: Lab 4-134 is ready to for us to move in. Four optical tables have been installed in the labs.

08/28/2010: Graduate students Huan Li and Yu Chen join forces.

08/16/2010: Laboratory of Nanophotonics and Nanomechanics opens door.

12/17/2009: New website.