Movie clips of electric machines, space vectors, and field distributions in motion

1.     Info about movies.     

2.     Schematic diagram of a dc machine.

3.     Schematic diagram of a brushless dc motor.

4. Position control of a dc motor.

5.     Schematic diagram of a wound-rotor induction motor.

6.     Schematic diagram of a squirrel-cage induction machine.

7.     Behavior of squirrel-cage rotor in a two-pole field.

8.     Sinusoidally distributed windings in a three-phase ac machine.

9.     Magnetic field distribution due to single-phase excitation.

10.      Magnetic field distribution due to three-phase excitation.

11.      Air gap flux plot due to three-phase excitation.

12.      Sinusoidal space distributions of mmf under balanced three-phase excitation.

13.      Motion of space vectors in a three-phase excitation system.

14.      Sinusoidal distributions and corresponding space vector representations.

15.      Space vectors for a balanced three-phase sinusoidal signal.

16.      Rotary motion of space vectors in various reference frames.

17.      Steady-state characteristics of an induction motor.

18.      Motion of space vectors in an induction motor operating with step loads.

19.      Schematic diagram of a four-phase 8/6 switched-reluctance motor.

20.      Elementary 3-phase 2-pole alternator with corresponding generated voltages.

21.      Transient stability of a synchronous machine described by voltage space vectors.

22.   Synchronization of 3-phase power systems.

23.   Steady-state characteristics of a synchronous generator.

24.      Steady-state characteristics of a synchronous motor (part 1).

25.      Steady-state characteristics of a synchronous motor (part 2).

 The video clips are run under Windows Media Player. Make sure that the options “Repeat” and “Captions” are turned on.  Be patient when connecting to the web for the first time.