from November 1992 issue of 'Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology'

A Hierarchically Cooptimized Plan for the Enhanced Health Care System of the Year 2000

By Otto H. Schmitt

Given adequate diligence and dedication, we should be able by the millennial year 2000 to report as "in operation" a System Reengineered Plan incorporating the following advances:

1. Sufficient professional security and tolerance to allow the now-taboo-and-neglected prime features of quality of life, mind, spirit, and soul to be added to our currently accepted body and brain functions; to allow "consciousness," at its several levels, to become a regular part of health care procedures.

2. A rudimentary insight into rules of advanced consciousness "field theory" to allow us to investigate usefully, as fundamentals of life communication., what are now regarded as "paranormal."

3. The rapid emergence of an acknowledged "new" science and technology based on life itself, "biomimetic science and technology" and its important subset incorporating the Santosha Index, understanding of the quality of life at the individual level, at the family or "group" level, and at the community level, possibly going to the global level.

At the operational level this system plan must offer:
4. An inflation-adjusted decrease of 50% in the annual cost of our health care delivery system and its services, with at least 50% improved performance and perceived results.

5. A whole-life medical-history card in each person's possession giving a cursive life-trajectory-oriented, detailed, personal medical and life progress history, easily updatable (but not deletable), inexpensive, robust, and structured to allow matching with similar histories in a large national data bank for ergodically adjusted prognoses and recommendations.

6. Public and professional understanding of our intellectual progression from the "homeostatic" view of self-regulation, where, through adjustment to the changing vicissitudes of life, we gain some extension of rewarding life, to the new "enlightened" view of technically, pharmacologically, and mentally reprogrammed lifestyle, and consciously perceived reality, toward the goal of multifaceted and enhanced optimized life quality.

7. Identification, education, and establishment of necessary "new and different" health care professionals fitting the new system to avoid the huge cost and liability of using a "one size fits all" physician image, in an automation-cobbled-up adaptation of the classic, simplistic individual patient-physician relationship.

8. A welcomed development and move into the home, as a family friend or pet companion, of the modularly organized, individually parametrized, health care computer, with instructional prompting, advice resources, and competence to participate in diagnostic, monitoring, training, therapeutic, and even rehabilitative procedures, in the home environment, but compatible with health maintenance organization (HMO) or other traditional modes of care, and adapted for quality of life interpretations.

9. A full national Strand Epidemiology Library database from which to extract ergodically adapted medical and quality of life records for empirical or theory-based treatment and lifestyle recommendation plans.

10. A good repertoire of quality of life components organized hierarchically on at least the three primary levels of consciousness: 1) ordinary perceptive consciousness - "projection screen of reality" type, 2) the multibranch subconsciousness, and 3) at least the first level of superconsciousness.

11. National awareness and eagerness to accept the possibility of being offered personally adapted life plans adjusted for individual strengths, weaknesses, and eccentricities, with a choice, readaptable at any time, of several comprehensive available, attractive, fulfilling, and otherwise rewarding "life plans" readily alterable utilizing the "Three Quadrature" insight into appreciation of time-series events, including the human life career.

12. Well-planned "carrot and stick" strategies for research and development, marketing, education, and public relations to persuade legislators, academic researchers and educators, and biomedical device and service suppliers, among others, to find rewards and avoid penalties by cooperating with this overall plan or improving and extending it.

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