On the Parthenon Marbles

The debate
The Acropolis Museum
Parthenon marbles website
Statement by the American committee for the reunification of the Parthenon sculptures

Elsevier Boycott

Some personal thoughts:
We (academics) do the research, the typesetting (in perfect Latex), the refereeing,
serve as AE's and Editors, all on either our "free time" which in reality it is time paid by Universities, Research Labs, Funding Agencies.
The profits and the copyright go to for-profit publishers (and what profits!).
A student and a researcher who have no paid subscription through their universities are typically asked to pay $40 or more for knowledge and discoveries that the publisher had nothing to do with.
It is unfair and we should change it.
I dream a day when there will be no for-profit publishers of scientific works
only a peer-reviewed "arXiv.org"
Unless we react as a community and stop being taken advantage of, our research will be held hostage
for years to come and the libraries will have to foot exponentially growing costs (at times when technology has made it possible to post our work, with virtually zero cost, online).

Mathematicians take a stand
Scientific Community to Elsevier: Drop Dead (from the Three-Toed Sloth)
The cost of knowledge

Miscellaneous readings

Science in antiquity: the first computer?!
Don Geman's view on conference papers
Three-toed sloth
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Some pictures

Twin Cities Marathon: October 2001, October 2000,
and Marathon finish 2008 (4h 2min 33'') Marathon 2009, 2010 pictures will be posted soon...
October 3, 2011 (courtesy L. Ning)
October 7, 2012

With Thomas on a bike
At the Great Barrier Reef (2 pictures: me & a giant clam 1m across)
Tokyo (11/2/2001) Glover, Vidyasagar, Kimura, Georgiou (Taken by M. Tomizuka)
Tokyo (11/2/2001) Group picture

Padova Workshop on Entropy: http://www.isib.cnr.it/control/entropy/
Jorma Rissanen and Sanjoy Mitter Padova workshop on entropy 2004

Michele Pavon studying Padova workshop on entropy 2004

Larry Evans explaining Padova workshop on entropy 2004

Over dinner Padova workshop on entropy 2004

Academics: control programs, conferences, etc.

Control Science & Dynamical Systems Program, University of Minnesota
Control Engineering Virtual Library

Recent student projects

Senior design group (SegSkate)


Minnesota Orchestra
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra