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Professor Zhi-Quan (Tom) Luo

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Minnesota, Twin Cites

ADC Chair in Digital Technology


Graduate Courses

o EE 5531 Probability and Stochastic Processes (Fall 2010)

o EE 5239 Introduction to nonlinear optimization (Spring 2005, Fall 2008, Fall 2011, Fall 2012)

o EE 8231 Optimization theory (Fall 2004, Fall 2007, Fall 2009, Spring 2014)

o Information theory and coding (in McMaster, in UofM EE5581 Fall 2012)

o Space-time communication (in McMaster)

Undergraduate Courses

o EE 3025 Statisical methods in EE and CE (Fall 2009)

o Analog/digital communication (in McMaster)

o Data structures and algorithm in C (in McMaster)

o Computational methods (in McMaster)


o Wireless data communication (industrial short course)

o Convex optimization techniques in signal processing and digital communication (ICASSP 2002 tutorial)

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Room 6-161, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota

200 Union ST SE, Minneapolis,MN,55455

TEL: (612)-625-0242

Fax: (612)-625-4583

Email: luozq at ece dot umn dot edu

Office Address

Room 483, Digital Technology Center

117 Pleasant ST SE, Minneapolis,MN,55455