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Officers (2014-2015)

Position Name Email Major Focus Area
President Ahmed Alketheeri Electrical Engineering Power Systems and Programable Logic
Vice President Megha Parhi Electrical Engineering Digital Signal Processing
Secretary Fuad Amiri Electrical Engineering Power Systems
Treasurer Stephen Iversen Computer Engineering Computation Systems
Membership Luke Everson Electrical Engineering Digital Systems and Power Electronics
Systems Admin [Your name here] [x500]

General Members

Joined Fall, 2014:
  • Stephen Iverson
  • Kirk Ryan Busche
Joined Spring, 2014:
  • Andrew Stevens
  • Jeffery Sarkinen
  • Andrew McGovern
  • Hunter May
  • Kevin Bontrager
  • Lulu Dong
  • Samuel Coley
  • Fuad Amiri
  • Christopher Porto
Joined Fall, 2013:
  • Ahmed Alkatheeri
  • Luke Robert Everson
Joined Spring, 2013:
  • Meghan Fears
  • Megha Parhi
  • Hoang Tran
  • John Tranter
Joined Fall, 2012:
  • Justin Buth
  • Melissa Neumann
  • Stephen Olson
  • Hassan Saleh
  • Scott Sievert
Joined Spring, 2012:
  • David Barchet
  • Michael Johns
  • Keerthi Palanivel
  • Daniel Sarkinen
  • Quoc Tran
  • Elias Wilken-Resman
  • Nanwei Yao

Joined Fall, 2011:
  • Hemanth Bettachar
  • Angeline Klemm
  • Andrew Panning
  • Steven Richter
  • Pavan Shivaram
  • Akshay Soni
  • Samiha Sultana
The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.