RF and Microwave Courses

EE 3601 - Transmission Lines And Electromagnetic waves. Junior level course that introduce basic concepts of transmission lines, electrostatic fields and electrodynamic waves in addition to applications related to RF/microwaves, optics, and magnetics topics.

EE 4951- Senior Design Project. This a required capstone course for all graduating students that is implemented as a team project. The project is assigned by the advising faculty and the students are instructed by the class instructor on project management principles.

EE 4981/82 - Honors Project. This project is a two term course that allows students with demonstrated top performance an opportunity to perform a reserach project with a faculty member. The project topic is defined by the supervising faculty member. The course is managed by the class instructor.

EE 5601 or old EE 5604 - Passive Circuit Applications. Senior/graduate student level course that teaches fundamentals and design of design passive microwave. Course improvements include introduction of microwave CAD tools use in the curriculum for on-campus and off-campus students, participation in video streaming lectures, and on-line web access to course materials.

EE 5602 or old ECE 5605 - Active Devices and Circuit Applications. Senior/graduate student level course that teaches design of microwave circuits with active devices. Course improvements include the use of commercially available microwave CAD tools into the curriculum for on- and off-campus students.

EE 5613 - RF/Microwave Test Laboratory (Drayton Development Course-Spring 2000). Senior/graduate level course that offers practical design, simulation, and characterization experience of passive RF/microwave test circuits presented in ECE 5601. Industrial lectures and a tutorial seminars are part of this course offering.



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