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FPGA-based Control Board

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An FPGA-based control board has been developed to implement digital control experiments in the Power Electronics and Electric Drives labs. This board has a ready-to-use interface to connect to the Power-Pole board of the Power Electronics lab and the Inverter Board of the Electric Drives Lab.

The board has capabilities to perform both open loop and closed loop digital experiments in the Power Electronics lab and open loop digital control in the Electric Drives lab.

This board is available for purchase from HiRel Systems LLC.

Accessories required:

Part Supplier Cost
JTAG USB full speed module cable Digilent Inc. PN JTAG-USB-FS $39.99
Wall mount Transformer Digikey CUI Inc. PN EPS050100-P6P $7.16
Proto board Capital Avanced Technologies PN US-5020 Digikey $4.32



Configuration File

The latest configuration file (.mcs) can be found here. These files were generated in the Xilinx ISE Webpack from a Verilog HDL source.

Configuration File

Release Date
top_sm_500e.mcs 11/07/2011



Estimated Cost

Click here (25 kB PDF) for an estimate on the cost of setting up a lab station for Power Electronics and Electric Drives.

Vendor Contact Information for Hardware Labs

The hardware for the Power Electronics Lab and the Electric Drives Lab can be purchased from the following vendors.

Vishay HiRel Systems LLC - For Power Electronics and Electric Drives board

4418 Haines Road, Suite 400

Duluth, MN 55811-1526

Fax: 218-727-0331


Contact -

Lois King (

Phone - 218-727-3115 Ext 5014


Joy Smith (

Phone - 218-727-3115 Ext 5013


Motorsolver LLC - For Electric Drives Lab Machines

102 Triano Circle

Venice Florida 34292

Phone: 941-492-3533

Fax: 941-492-3533


dSPACE Inc. - For Electric Drives Lab

28700 Cabot Drive, Suite 1100

Novi, MI 48377

Phone: 248-567-1262

Fax: 248-567-0130


Contact -

Vivek Moudgal (


Muzafar Moshref (