Biographical Sketch
Sachin Sapatnekar was born of poor but honest parents, who were muzhiks living in the vast expanse of the cold Russian steppes. At age seven, he moved to a little hamlet by the sea where the palm trees are plentiful, the air is balmy, and the worries are few. He spent his childhood jumping from bush to bush, and has now progressed to the stage where he jumps from tree to tree. This fascination for trees led him first to graph theory, and then to EE.

Having abandoned an early and unsparkling career as a bandido [see picture], he is now searching for the Meaning of Life. On the side, he pays the bills by masquerading as a prof, while doggedly following the Guiding Principle of his life and pursuing his divers interests.

Sachin Sapatnekar is also a big fat liar.
What?! You're saying you don't believe this?!