Group Members

Photo of James Leger

James Leger, group leader

James R. Leger is professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, where he holds the Cymer Professorship for Advanced Optical Systems, Metrology, and Lasers, and the Taylor Distinguished Professorship. His interests include laser systems, microoptics, diffractive optics, computational imaging, and metrology.

Photo of Hung-Sheng Chiang

Hung-Sheng Chiang, researcher

Hung-Sheng is currently a Researcher in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has been working on building and characterizing passively phase-locked fiber laser arrays. He experimentally demonstrated Kramers-Kronig self-phasing in this laser architecture. Recently, his research is shifting from CW lasers towards pulsed lasers. He envisages a new class of pulsed lasers that are powerful enough to ignite nuclear fusion reactions or serve as the building blocks of next-generation particle accelerators. He completed his PhD degree in Physics in 2011 here at University of Minnesota Twin Cities. He specializes in condensed-matter physics.

Photo of Di Lin

Di Lin, post-doc

Di received his B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2008. In 2015, he completed his dissertation on the metrology and design of gradient-index optical materials at the same institution and received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering. His current research involves image retrieval algorithms using information from indirect photons and the application of inverse methods.

Photo of Jordan Burch

Jordan Burch, graduate student

Jordan received his BS in Electrical Engineering in 2008 from the University of Minnesota. He is currently working towards his PhD from the same institution. His research interests include novel imaging and waveguide systems.

Photo of Mint Kunkel

Mint Kunkel, graduate student

Mint completed his bachelor's degree in physics at Carleton College in 2012. He is now a doctoral candidate in Electrical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. His research interests include ultrafast fiber laser systems and beam shaping with GRIN optics.

Photo of Takahiro Sasaki

Takahiro Sasaki, graduate student

Takahiro received his Bachelor's and Master's degree in Electronic Engineering, focusing on optics, from Osaka University (Osaka, Japan). Currenlty he is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in scientific computation at the Univeristy of Minnesota. His research includes a combination of optics, numerical methods and parallel computing.

Photo of Brad Tiffany

Brad Tiffany, graduate student

Photo of Erik Tilseth

Erik Tilseth, undergraduate student

Erik is in his senior year, majoring in physics. His research interests include fiber lasers and beam combining.