Group Members

Photo of Dr. Leger

James Leger, Group Advisor

James R. Leger is professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, where he holds the Cymer Professorship for Advanced Optical Systems, Metrology, and Lasers, and the Taylor Distinguished Professorship. His interests include laser systems, microoptics, diffractive optics, computational imaging, and metrology.

Photo of Jordan Burch

Jordan Burch, Graduate Student

Jordan Received his BS in Electrical Engineering in 2008 from the University of Minnesota. He is currently working towards his PhD from the same institution. His research interests include novel imaging and waveguide systems.

Photo of Chenhao

Chenhao Wan, Graduate Student

Chenhao (Peter) got his bachelor's degree in Optoelectronic Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, China) in 2006. He is now pursuing his Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. His research areas include beam shaping and fiber optics.

Photo of Greg Ingersoll

Greg Ingersoll, Graduate Student

Greg received his BS degree in Electrical Engineering (second major: Computer Science) from the University of Wisconsin Madison in December 1999. He then received his MS degree in Electrical Engineering (minor: physics) in January 2007 from the University of Minnesota where he is currently continuing toward a Ph.D. in the same fields.
Greg's research interests include spectral beam combining, volume holography, fundamental theory, and mathematical methods. When not pursuing this research, he is a Senior Electrical Engineer and project manager at Logic in Minneapolis.

Photo of Di Lin

Di Lin, Graduate Student

Di completed his Bachelor's degree in EE at the University of Minnesota in 2008 and is currently working toward his Ph.D. His research revolves around the interaction between multiple gratings in volume holograms and the design of such a structure that can efficiently redirect sunlight for harvesting solar energy.

Photo of Hung-Sheng

Hung-Sheng Chiang, Graduate Student

Photo of Brad Tiffany

Brad Tiffany, Graduate Student

Photo of Ying Wan

Ying Wan, Postdoctoral