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Students, Post Doc.s and Visiting Professors


Supervised over 120 MS/PhD students, out of which 31 have graduated with PhDs as of March 2012. The following students have joined academia:

  1. Dr. Nathan Wiese (PhD, 2010) – University of Maine-Orono
  2. Dr. Hariharan Krishnaswami (PhD, 2009) – University of Texas Austin-San Antonio
  3. Dr. Ted Brekken (PhD, 2005) – Oregon State University - Corvallis
  4. Dr. Raja Ayyanar (PhD, 2000) – Arizona State University-Tempe
  5. Dr. Lana Char (PhD, 1996) – Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi
  6. Dr. Vinod John (MS, 1994) – Indian Institute of Science-Bangalore, India
  7. Dr. Rached Dhaouadi (PhD, 1990) – American University of Sharjah-Sharjah, UAE
  8. Dr. John Hayes (MS, 1989)- University College Cork-Ireland

Recent PhDs (2009-2011):

  1. Dr. Nathan Weise; 2011;Assistant Prof.  UMaine - Orono
  2. Dr. Rashmi Prasad; 2011;General Motors, Detroit
  3. Dr. Jalpa Shah;2011; John Deere, Fargo, ND (co-Advisor: Prof. Wollenberg)
  4. Dr. Elias Ayana; 2010, Cummins Generation
  5. Dr. Ranjan Gupta; 2010, GE Global – Niskayuna, NY
  6. Dr. Hariharan Krishnaswami; 2009 – Assistant Professor, University of Texas – San Antonio

Present Research Group:
22 graduate students including 14 PhD-track students (4 are likely to complete their PhDs in 2012)

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Dr. Paul Imbertson, Dr. Dinkar Prasad, Dr. P. Subramanium, Dr. Simon Round, Dr. Amit Jain, Dr. Krushna Mohapatra, Dr. Ted Brekken, Dr. Amod Umarikar, Dr. Parag Upadhyay, Dr. Todd Begalke, Dr. Razvan Cristian Panaitescu

Visiting Professors:

Professor Tore Undeland (NTNU, Norway)
Dr. Terje Gjengedal (NTNU, Norway)
Dr. Odd Andersen (NTNU, Norway)
Professor Robert Nilssen (NUNU, Norway)
Professor Marion Kazmierkowski (Warsaw, Poland)
Professor Richard Duke (Univ. of Canterbury, NZ)
Professor Lars Norum (NTH, Norway)
Professor Wang (Jilin Univ., China)
Professor Ramzi Dib from Germany
Prof. Waldemar Sulkowski (Narvik University, Norway)